Classroom Lecture
Classroom Lecture

SpeakerPost For Youth

For today’s youth, choosing a profession could be daunting. They often receive information online or through their friends which sometimes provides an inadequate perspective on what these choices entail in real life.


We believe conversations with experienced folks will empower the next generation to make better career decisions and ultimately have a more fulfilling life. 


The SpeakerPost for Youth (SFY) program seeks to help students discover their passions and their career paths through interaction with educators and industry professionals.

SFY Program Details

The SFY program is a free, volunteer-focused initiative. As part of this program, we will help curate online panels for you based on your specific requirements as well as the availability of SpeakerPost community volunteers.
Collaborate with us to:
  • Create a panel of SpeakerPost experts from three different industries who will speak with your students at a pre-planned virtual event, up to three times a year

    • Plan an hour-long virtual panel discussion around their profession, industry and career experiences


  • Tailor youth-focused conversation topics such as:

    • Different jobs in _____ industry

    • Required skills for success

    • First five years in the _____ industry


  • Work with a community member who will moderate the discussion and the Q&A session via a SpeakerPost zoom link

About the SpeakerPost community

We are a group of academic and industry professionals that have come together to make a difference in the lives of high school and college students. We believe in the guest speaker method and want to pay it forward by sharing our experience and career journeys with students everywhere. Check out our digital community platform at Use the invite code 4c38cf to join our growing online global community.